Six Simple Steps to Live a Healthier Life

You don’t need to make a major change in your thinking, behavior and lifestyle to live healthier. To live a healthier life, you can incorporate simple things into your daily routine.

1. You should stop using elevators or escalators.

They are not necessary unless you are going up 30 floors or carrying large packages. Take a little work out and use the stairs.

2. Locate the last spot

The parking space next to your door is not necessary. You can leave that to those who really need it. It’s easy to make the small change of parking farther away and walking a little more. This will add up over time. Parking in the middle of nowhere will be a blessing for your car.

3. Is it possible to walk and achieve this?

Okay, you’re out of orange juice. Everyone in your home is begging for it right now! Is it possible to walk there? Is it necessary to drive to the mailbox? Or can you walk to the mailbox? Although it may take longer, you will save gas and live a healthier lifestyle.

4. Stop using drive-through’s

Get out of your car if you have to eat fast food. Every bit helps. It all counts. The walk to your car, the wait in line, the return trip back to your car with your purchase… You won’t feel as pressured to make a decision, and you will likely choose the healthier option on the menu. Although it might not be worth the cost of a fast food meal, it can help to make it a regular habit. You might even choose to eat the salad, not the quarter-pounder.

5. Set a limit for yourself

You can set a budget and make shopping easier by making choices. You can only indulge in one or two things per trip. While it is easy to purchase the double chocolate cookies or the ripple chips, choosing one well can be a challenge. This will hopefully make you think more deeply about your decision.

6. What can I do to make it better?

Ask yourself this question. You don’t have to give up on your pleasures just because you want to be perfect. But how can you make sure that your nighttime snack is healthier? Eat less? Consider adding a fruit to your diet. What can you do to make dinner with friends healthier? Have a salad? Order the fish? Order the fish first, then order the beautiful looking cake later (or share it with someone else). This applies to everything in your life. How can you make your life more enjoyable?

Although a lot of these ideas may seem obvious, making a lifestyle change to be healthier can feel overwhelming. Making small changes in your daily life will make a big difference.

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