Plus Size Fashion Style Advice To Look Great

Fashion industry professionals are happy to advise you on what is appropriate and what you should wear. Even those who specialize in clothing for larger women can benefit from this. While many of these tips can be useful, others can be referred to by the computer industry as fear, uncertainty and doubt. We will try to distinguish fact from fiction.

It is unacceptable that plus-size women “show skin” should be a fashion rule. Plus-sized women should cover up as much as possible and wear “fat clothes”. You can highlight your favorite feature by focusing on it. If you have slender legs, a shorter skirt or a V-neck will show off your cleavage.

Plus girls shouldn’t expose their arms. Although it is commonly believed that plus-size girls shouldn’t wear sleeveless shirts, the truth is that some skin can still be visible. If you don’t want to expose your upper arms, you have options. You can wear a shirt with lace sleeves or chiffon sleeves, or drape a sheer scarf over your shoulders.

Wearing horizontal stripes should be avoided by women of greater stature. It is not true. If worn correctly, stripes can become. There are a few guidelines to follow. Women with larger hips need to limit stripes to the upper area of the body, close the neck and the lower area around the legs. The problem will be magnified if stripes are worn around the hips.

Bold prints should be avoided by plus girls. This myth is not true! The spacing of the print determines the effect on a plus-sized silhouette. Avoid prints that have large, open edges. You will be flatter by large-sized, bold fabric designs!

Form fitting clothes are not appropriate for plus-size girls. This myth will send the message that your body is hidden from the outside world. It is false. A life of large, baggy clothes for plus-size girls is not a good idea. It can be flattering to wear clothes that are body conscious and show your curves. This is where the “tight-loose” fashion style works. An example is a fitted cami worn under a jacket that’s either unstructured or relaxed. While you don’t want to have clingy fabrics in the wrong places, don’t be afraid to let your clothes hug and accent the right curves.

Plus, white is not allowed for girls. While dark colors like black, navy, and charcoal are great for slimming, the most important thing is fit. You can use color to your advantage. Wear a simple, dark color at the bottom and a lighter one at the top if you are larger. A bolder print may be your top choice. Plus girls don’t have to wear dark colors. You can even choose a bolder print on the top. You can wear red, blue, pastels or any other color you like, but white is a must!

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