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About Woman’s Day

Written and edited for the contemporary woman, Woman’s Day Magazine is for readers who enjoy the traditional values of home and family while balancing career, money, and personal fulfillment. Each issue of Woman’s Day Magazine also discusses health and fitness, crafts, cooking, relationships, and beauty tips.

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What do you think of Woman’s Day ?

1.Love that the format is short, quick, and easy to read. With our busy family schedule, I am able to scan the magazine and enjoy the variety of features!
2.I have always liked reading this magazine. I was pleased to be able to get it.
3.The layout is too choppy. There are no real articles. Definitely not on par with other women’s magazines like More and Better Homes and Gardens. I will not reorder.
4.Woman’s Day has various articles on everthing and different recipes so this is a good magazine for me.
5.This magazine has changed it is not enjoyable any more. I have been reading this magazine when it was$ .25 cents an issue. I will not purchase again. Thank you. Sis

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