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About Martha Stewart Living

2013 National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence! Martha Stewart Living Magazine was created by the famous television hostess who has become the popular advisor on all things for the home and garden. Each issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine allows you to celebrate the simple things of everyday life, such as gardening, entertaining, renovating, cooking, and decorating.

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What do you think of Martha Stewart Living ?

1.great magazine with just a few ads…..lots of recipes and interesting stories about families and places.

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes
2.Magazine falls short from past years. Used to save them but now, once read, they are thrown into the trash. Really, just how much kale can a person consume?
3.Even though I don’t want to love the magazine, an issue comes that makes the subscription worth it. Great ideas, recipes, info. Thanks Martha for not giving up.
4.Inspiring recipes are the first ideas that jump out at you. And then the decorating and household ideas just make you feel capable and creative. How does Martha do it all? She is amazing. I’ve learned everything from how to (really) make an omelet to how to create paper flowers.

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