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About Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping Magazine has been the premier women’s service magazine since 1885! Millions of people read Good Housekeeping Magazine because it is the most trusted source of information on home, food, fitness, beauty, health, and family. The winner of three prestigious National Magazine Awards for Personal Service, Good Housekeeping Magazine also includes articles on social issues and human interest stories, making it a well-rounded publication ideal for the modern woman!

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What do you think of Good Housekeeping ?

1.I have not read this magazine for years. I decided to try it for a year. What a disappointment! I cannot believe the number of advertisements. I am 84 years old and found almost nothing of interest in this once great magazine.
2.I wish for more articles, recipes, stories, and photos etc. Magazine are seeming more & more like they are full of advertising only =(
3.I have been reading Good Housekeeping for years and thats because its so packed with lots of wonderful article and ideas plus theres lots of yummy and healthy recipes to try.

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