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About Country Living

Country Living Magazine is edited for readers who appreciate the traditions of the country, wherever they may live. Each issue of Country Living Magazine brings a country approach to a wide range of topics, from decorating, building, and restoring old homes to cooking, entertaining, gardening, travel and more.

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What do you think of Country Living ?

1.Since the new editor a few years ago, the magazine is awful .Country is Country, almost no country homes or decorating, Used to love the landscapes, not there anymore. First year in 30, that I am not going to subscribe. So disappointed.
2.First time I ever read the magazine. Enjoyed the Dollhouse article. Amazing the prices. Great article on miniature houses. Also enjoyed the decorating ideas.
3.I have saved every issue 1994. I LOVED this magazine. But it’s not the same anymore. It lost all it’s class. The paper is cheap….the content is terrible….there are half the pages there use to be and the country has left the building.
4.I have been a long time subscriber and have saved issues since 2008. I am sad to say after trying to tough it out I will be cancelling my subscription. I used to look forward to each issue, and now I thumb through the non-country pages filled with buyers guides for things few would want and over staged scenes that have no character or life. I understand ads are needed for revenue, but on the few pages that aren’t ads the content is simply not there. I had given subscriptions as gifts in the past but simply stopped about 2 years ago and am now sad to say goodbye to what had been my favorite magazine.

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