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About Highlights

Highlights features Hidden Pictures(R), stories, puzzles, jokes, crafts, riddles and other popular activities have made this the world’s best loved children’s magazine. It’s Fun with a Purpose(R) for ages 6 to 12!

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What do you think of Highlights ?

1.I looked through a variety of magazines for my daughter before choosing Highlights. I grew up with this magazine and loved it as a child. Now, I get to watch my daughter enjoy the magazine for herself. compared to some other children’s magazines, it may be a bit pricer, but it’s worth it. The content is wonderful! My daughter loves reading about Goofus and Gallant, The Timbertoes, doing the hidden pictures

2.Highlights magazine truly is well named. It absolutely is a highlight of the day for my grandchildren when they realize another one has come in the mail. We enjoy watching the enthusiasm on their faces and it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. I can remember looking forward to going to the dentist office so I could read the Highlights magazine while waiting for my appointment!!

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