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About Highlights High Five

Discover Highlights High Five Magazine, the sensational magazine from Highlights that’s just right for the emerging skills of children ages 2 to 6. Engaging activities promote reading readiness, spark the imagination and build confidence.

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What do you think of Highlights High Five ?

1.My 4 year old son loves receiving his very own magazine in the mail. He often looks through it while eating breakfast. I enjoy sitting with him and finding the hidden pictures, but I think his favorite part is that last cut out page. Our last one was a Memory Game and we still play it. I think this magazine really helps foster a love of reading and its perfect for little emerging learners who are just looking

2.I use this with my grandchildren, ages 5, 3, and 2. We are so excited when we have a new copy. I also save the past issues and we read those again and again. I really enjoy the no ads and I don’t mind paying extra for this.

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