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About First

First Magazine is filled with quick ideas to make your and your family’s life easier, healthy tips for weight loss, eating right, and staying energized, relationship advice, as well as hair and beauty secrets to help you achieve your best look.

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What do you think of First ?

1.I enjoy reading First magazine cause it has something of interest for every woman .First for women has so many wonderful tips and great ideas on such a variety of topics plus great recipes to try, Also the fun little stories and puzzles and games will make it so you won’t want to put it down once you flip open its pages.
2.Have read this mag since it first came out and am sorry that they goofed on the 12/8/14 issue: Please see p. 31 under the column beginning “Flavor your H2O…” They said, “…but it’s key…” when you meant “…but its key (is to)…” How COULD they!! And I trusted my kids to read the mag! Down from five to four stars.
3.for many years, i ‘shared’ a subscription with a co-worker. and by the time it got my way – 1/2 the pages were gone and the recipes clipped. :) Finally got my own. Absolutely love the eay reading, the blurbs on vacations and THOSE RECIPES.
4.This is the best magazine because it has a little of everything in it. I love the recipes, tips & all the different kinds of articles that I find inside every issue. I never leave the house for a road trip without it!! This is my favorite magazine by far!!

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