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About Cosmopolitan

The best-selling young women’s magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine helps women achieve their personal and professional goals. Each issue offers advice on interpersonal relationships, fashion and beauty tips, insights into the working world for women, information on eating healthy and exercising right, and articles on how to balance a busy schedule and reduce stress. Cosmo’s credo is to help young, ambitious, and fearless women get the most out of their lives.

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What do you think of Cosmopolitan ?

1.I subscribed to support Cosmo’s continuing information about politicians who support extremely important womens’ issues.
2.Kym likes the format, Beauty(fashion) and the stories. She enjoys receiving the magazine monthly. Thank you. Prof. Frank F.(her caregiver).
3.When i ordered the magazine i didn’t realize how heartened toward twenty somethings it we’d. I read about health then pass it along to aneighbor.
4.Being a high school educator I feel keeping up with trends and information is a must. I feel a little old for some of the content but it keeps conversations with my 20 something daughters very interesting.
5.I love taking this magazaine into the tub or on the couch…Either way, it’s a great way to let my mind get away from the hum drum of my job and relax for a bit.

One thought on “Cosmopolitan

  1. I love this magazine! I love all the fitness tips in it, the differents ways to help with to make-up or hair! It also has great advice about how to keep your love life stonge or married life last! This is the only Magazine that I read not only because its soo good but because its not just full of gossip like most others. I like to see whats going on with celebs, but i d rather not read a whole magazine about it! This magazine has A little bit of everything & I love it for that!!

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