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About Consumer Reports

The indispensable guide for anyone who wants to comparison shop for the best quality and value of anything on the market, Consumer Reports Magazine is published by the nonprofit, independent Consumers Union. Each issue focuses on several different types of products that have been thoroughly tested by trained researchers. Products are then rated based on a variety of criteria and ranked in easy-to-understand charts. Each year, you’ll also receive an annual review of products, plus a special car buyer’s guide. Consumer Reports Magazine accepts no advertising, so you can be assured that you’ll get the unbiased, honest evaluations of products ranging from cars and household appliances to computers, clothes, and cleaning products.

Your subscription includes 12 issues plus an annual buying guide.

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What do you think of Consumer Reports ?

1.great magazine well worth cost. this is one magazine that will save you money and trouble
2.I try to find reviews of major appliances and anything which is a major purchase in Consumer Reports. I have rarely gone wrong with their recommendations.
3.Consumer Reports always tries to find the best product in each field. The testing time for each brand sometimes makes the reviews too late to find the actiual product as described, though a similar unit is usually available. It makes deciding on a particular brand for a product you need much easier. The safety tips and up to date information is invaluable to me. Keep up the good work! I appreciate your help!
4.It is a great magazine with unbiased reviews and opinions about different products ranging from cars to household items. I don’t think you can find any substitute for this one.

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