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About Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine brings readers how-to features on food, recipes, decorating, remodeling, building, crafts, gardening, family health, money management, and education. Designed for those who have a serious interest in their personal lifestyle, it’s America’s complete home and family service magazine.

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What do you think of Better Homes and Gardens ?

1.Thank you for continuing to provide such an excellent magazine. Even as a young girl and now that I am a grandma sharing the pages of Better Homes & Gardens with my granddaugher, I have been able to depend on the contents and advertisers of your magazine. Thanks again for being dedicated to serving your readers, so that we may have “Better Homes and Better Gardens”!
2.I’ve read this magazine for years, but will not subscribe again. If you enjoy reading the ads, this magazine is for you. Then, again, all magazines and TV have gotten carried away with ads and commercials.
3.the special editions are good. ie; the spring garden, fall and christmas. other months the content is thin. just another supermarket offering.
5.I have always loved this magazine. My mom received it for many years and loved the gardening hints, the good food ideas, just the special hints on making a wonderful home.
6.I read BH&G cover to cover. Each issue is full of great ideas for organizing and beautifying your living spaces and making them your own. I have utilized several ideas in my own home-for decor and organization. I recommend it to all my friends that want to personalize their homes.

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