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About J-14

J-14 Magazine is the #1 teen celebrity magazine!  Every issue of J-14 is jam-packed with posters, fun horoscopes, real-life stories, video, TV and music news and so much more!  You’ll get pictures of today’s hottest stars, find out what everyone is wearing and where to buy it and we’ll have tons of cool stuff to win in every issue!

For ages 13-17.

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What do you think of J-14 ?

1.I guess I am too far removed from the young teenage days to remember Tiger Beat talking about kissing and teen stars being lonely. It is not an appropriate magazine for my students, and I would like to switch it out for a different magazine please.

2.Parents don’t let your teen read this junk. It is all about who is doing what with who, and how to makeout with your boyfriend, etc. I do not have a problem with the posters, but the articles are useless to teens. This so called magazine just reinforces selfish behavior and gossiping. Teens need to focus on school for now. There will be plenty of time as an adult to focus on boyfriends and working.

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