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About Alternative Press

Alternative Press Magazine is the ultimate guide to the new and hip. A.P. Magazine includes music, videos, books, movies, fanzine reviews, upcoming release listings, music charts from the people who know musicians and readers, the latest news from inside the world of music, well-researched music journalism, first looks at today’s up-and-coming bands, and guides to the hippest scenes. Alternative Press Magazine also features in-depth interviews, contests, and giveaways. Provocative and entertaining, A.P. is the most respected source of new music information today.

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What do you think of Alternative Press ?

1.Disappointed. I really don’t like anything from the content to the distracting layout. They try to fit too much information on a page because the magazine is not your standard 8 x 11 and the print is way too small.

2.It’s certainly not what I expected. I’m too old for articles about today’s popular music. I can’t imagine what made me choose it. I regret getting it and I’m afraid not even my friends or neighbors would want it and it’s going to end up in the trash.

3.I got this issue for my students to use/read. It has been flying off the shelf. Cannot keep it in the library. My students really enjoy the magazine.

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