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About Popular Science

The editorial content of Popular Science Magazine focuses on new products that will be very useful to people with strong interests in their homes, personal transportation needs, and recreation. In every issue of Popular Science Magazine you will receive information on products currently in development–both experimental and practical–in such fields as electronics, computers, photography, aviation, automobiles, and much more!

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What do you think of Popular Science ?

1.Used to do everything I could do to get my hands on every copy of this magazine I could with the substantial substandard education I received in Oklahoma in the 1970’s. It would be safe to say that if I had not been able to read this in high school, I would not be the educator that I am today by being willing to get two BA degrees.

2.It has a lot of good forthcoming goods & services that will be eventually available to the consumer.

3.I enjoy this magazine a lot. I enjoy the articles and features within each new issue. It has proved to be a valuable magazine as I have used it within my freshmen health class, and the kids actually enjoyed reading the article! Would recommend to anyone interested in current science or technology!!!

4.I like reading the magazine not only for my personal knowledge base but I use several articles to build lessons for my classes.

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