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About Playboy

PLAYBOY is a magazine of literature, political thought, sports, commentary and humor. Although PLAYBOY Magazine is most well-known for its pictorials of beautiful women, it is also highly regarded for its interviews and fiction writing. Playboy Magazine includes regular feature articles on finance, sports, self-improvement, technology, and psychology.

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What do you think of Playboy ?

1.Actually I’d only recommend this mag if your in your late 50’s+. Hugh Hefner needs to quit his day job and the articles are only for those metrosexually inclined particularly the inadvertently hilarious fashion. For Porn it’s Hustler all the way…

2.Playboy may have once be seen as a taboo, racy magazine, but now it’s one of the better men’s magazines for it’s content. The pictures are a nice added bonus. Also makes a great gift to a friend.

3.The magazine gives me loads of information on current lifestyles, (health, life, personal, fiction, and the women pictorials).

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