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About Men’s Health

2015 National Magazine Award Winner for General Excellence!! Men’s Health Magazine is designed to help men obtain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle in body, mind, and spirit. Men’s Health Magazine discusses exercise techniques, tips about diet, and includes columns to help with your emotional and mental well being. You’ll also get plenty of information on new products that will help you stay in shape!

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What do you think of Men’s Health ?

1.i ready love mewn health magazine and will always get this great magazine
2.My husband really enjoys Men’s Health magazine. It usually has very useful articles, not just covering exercises, but talking about everything a man needs to stay or get healthy and happy.
3.Nothing but advertisments! – NOT GOOD – Y’all must be making a lot of money – no one is interested in all of that. I can assure you I will never order it again! No “guts” to the magazine…waste of my money!

2 thoughts on “Men’s Health

  1. I bought this magazine subscription for my husband and we both like reading some of the articles. We both would like to see more articles on lifestyle issues related to money, time and relationships. Like many women’s magazines, there’s an over abundance of “advertisements”. A one year subscription will be plenty long enough for MH.

  2. I live in rural community and I feel that Men’s Health gives me the latest most up to date and reliable medical, business, and fashion news available. Men’s Health is the Gold Standard for addressing all around men’s health issues; I live better now that I read Men’s Health.

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