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About Family Handyman

Whether you’re just getting started or have been a DIY-er for years, The Family Handyman Magazine gives you complete step-by-step instructions, expert tips from industry pros and time and money-saving hints to help get the job done right!

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What do you think of Family Handyman ?

1.has some great projects in this mag.very easy to understand
2.I enjoy woodworking and how-to magazines and if I could only subscribe to one, Family Handyman is the absolute first choice.
3.Tons of useful and common sense tips that make a handyman’s life more productive.
4.There are some good magazines for homeowners out there. I f you want the best, get The Family Handyman. The articles are written with easy to understand articles and plenty of pictures. Another thing often overlooked is that the articles are pertinent for the ordinary homeowner. A lot of the other magazines on the market have too many ” projects ” that really don’t apply to normal households.

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