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About ESPN The Magazine

ESPN The Magazine is the magazine for the NEXT generation of sports fans with emphasis on the personality, lifestyle and off–the-field activities of today’s newsworthy and up-and-coming athletes. All delivered with insights, humor, cutting edge design and in-your-face photography.

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What do you think of ESPN The Magazine ?

1.Great Magazine. I really enjoy the in depth stories about players background and history.

2.t his magazine is the most informative sports magazine on the market.. the articles are very interesting even if it is not about your favorite sport.

3.This magazine’s oversized exterior creates the image that what is inside is important, but I have found that the opposite is true. This magazine does not interest me like I thought it would. It does not convey the action of sports, but instead reads more like a newspaper. Another disappointment about this magazine is the overuse of ads.

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