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About Girls’ Life Magazine

Girls’ Life Magazine is the No. 1 magazine for girls 10 to 15. Girl’s Life Magazine is packed with advice on friends, family, school and crushes. Real stories about real girls facing the challenges of growing up. Plus expert hair and beauty tips; revealing quizzes; great articles on topics like school success, making friends and getting the most out of Girlhood! And don’t forget Girl’s Life Magazine’s nationally recognized column Dear Carol, celebrity interviews, and embarrassing moments.

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What do you think of Girls’ Life Magazine ?

1.This is just an okay magazine. There are way to many ads. There are very few articles, mostly advertisement for makeup and fashion. I was hoping for more articles for my daughter to read about problems girls struggle with and articles about her favorite stars.

2.Girls’ Life is a great magazine. I just think some of the topics and issues are a bit too much for my pre-teen. But I am saving all the issues for when I feel that she is ready for them. Other than that I really enjoy the magazine and the articles in them.

One thought on “Girls’ Life Magazine

  1. The magazine has pertinent articles and stories for young teenage girls. Language and content are appropriate. As with most magazines, there are too many ads. Parents can feel confident that Girls’ Life Magazine will be enjoyed by their daughters, while increasing the child’s reading and comprehension skills. Mothers may enjoy reading the articles and stories in order to enjoy discussing them with their (and other) kids.

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