Beyoncé is a designer now! The singer teams up with Topshop on a sportswear brand

Just when we thought Beyoncé‘s major year was coming to an end, the singer gives us yet another reason to get excited. Officially announced today, Mrs. Carter will be pairing with Topshop in a 50/50 joint venture to produce an activewear line. Set to launch for Fall 2015, the collection will feature an array of both technical and leisurely pieces meant for the consumer who not only lives a more active lifestyle, but who might also just want to appear as if she does (hey, no judgment here).

While it’s still in the early stages, Sir Philip Green, owner of Topshop, told WWD that this partnership is not meant to be a simple collaboration, but a whole new start-up with it’s own overhead and separate offices. When asked about the new business opportunity, Green pointed out that delving into the fashion-inspired fitness category had been a long time coming stating: “Creating a partnership with Beyoncé, one of the most hard-working and talented people in the world, who spends many hours of her life dancing, rehearsing and training is a unique opportunity to develop this category.”

The sportswear brand, dubbed Parkwood Topshop Athletic Ltd., will include apparel, footwear, and accessories meant for dance, yoga, fitness and sports across all boards, ensuring the perfect blend of innovative fashion and technicality. It has also been affirmative that the line will have a more permanent resonance, rather than an exclusive one-time release. If having Queen Bey create your next gym outfit isn’t enough motivation to get you working out, then Godspeed to you.

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