5 DIY hair treatments you can do with ingredients you have in the fridge

It’s almost the long weekend, and you’re probably running around getting last minute waxes and pedicures and compiling the perfect playlist. (May we suggest Drake?) Or maybe you took off from work early and you’re already floating around on a pool noodle. Forgive us for being presumptuous but we’re guessing you forgot to do a hair mask before you left. That’s fine because there are likely some DIY hair treatments waiting for you at the cottage. Believe it or not, you have a buffet of options at your Dorito-dusted fingertips. Things like condiments, guac and that six-pack of Coors Light your Dad brought up can actually make your hair look shinier and healthier. Not only that, these homemade hair fixes are easy, natural (sulfates, silicones) and inexpensive.

Pour the majority of a bottle or can on freshly shampooed, wet hair, massage and leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse. An average beer is made with malt and hops, which help boost strength, volume and shine.

The oil and eggs in mayo will make hair look extra glossy. Apply about a cup’s worth to dry strands before you plan on washing it, wrap your head in a towel and hang out for a bit. Tip: One recipe we found suggested mixing in a teaspoon of vanilla extract beforehand to cancel out mayo’s sort of sketchy scent.

If your host is really into this beloved super fruit there will probably be plenty lying around. Mix a very ripe one with a few glugs of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon for a super-hydrating mask.

Mix two tablespoons (FYI, apple cider is best) into one cup of water, and soak your hair with it after you’ve washed it. Rinse and then apply conditioner. Vinegar acts like a clarifying shampoo would, ridding the hair of styling product residue, and making it look extra shiny. Apparently, it also helps bug bites heal faster and itch less. If it’s not in your pantry, MacGyver types can always smuggle some off the chip truck in town.

Anyone old enough to remember Sun-In knows this trick has been around for a while. If you want to naturally lighten your strands, your best option is to borrow someone’s cocktail garnish. Depending on your hair length, one lemon should suffice. Just comb the juice through your hair until wet, and let the sun do the rest. Beauty editor note: SUNSCREEN. Also, lemon juice can be drying, so after a dip in the lake you should apply yet another DIY hair treatment: coconut oil.

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